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To the Official Home of Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History!

ALL videos are made by Geno Samuel with content sourced from YouTube.com, the cwcki, and Kiwi Farms.

Part I

Part I addresses the events from his birth up to his graduation from high school.

Part II

Part II begins with Chris' entry to PVCC up to his psychiatric evaluation from UVA.

Part III

Part III starts with Christmas 2004 and goes up to Chris' graduation from PVCC.

Part IV

Part IV begins with the release of Sonichu Issue 5 and ends with his first video message to Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Part V

Part V begins with goatse and ends with Christian's video about Sonichu: The Game.

Part VI

Part VI begins with Chris emailing Blanca about porn, and ends with the desecration of his medallion.

Part VII

Part VII begins with Chris crashing into slumber and finishes with Clyde Cash revealing himself.


Part VIII begins with Chris' video for Miyamoto and ends with the Victoria State, Australia bush fires of 2009.

Part IX

Part IX begins with Chris' video for Panda and ends with him preparing for Aunt Corrina's funeral.

Part X

Part X begins with Aunt Corrina's funeral and concludes with Robert Simmons V's church visit.

Part XI

Part XI begins with Chris' apology for missing Emily's date and concludes with his self-proclaimed last video on YouTube.

Part XII

Part XII begins with ED's 2009 April Fools' Day prank and concludes with the hacking of cwcville.com.


Part XIII begins with Chris' first video after the breakup with Ivy, and concludes with his demand for people to stop dissing C-villes.

Part XIV

Part XIV begins with the video depicting Chris humping his PS3 and ends with the video in which Liquid Chris slanderously calls Christian "Ian Brandon Anderson."

Part XV

Part XV begins with Chris thanking the trolls for their documentation of his life and ends with him attempting to prove his identity due to his physical traits.

Part XVI

Part XVI begins with Kacey's account of her first meeting with Chris and concludes with a call in which Kacey encourages Chris to get a job.


Part XVII begins with Chris wishing death upon Vivian Gee via email, and concludes with Chris and Kacey's phone call made after his job interview at Target.


Part XVIII starts with the last installment of Larry Bundy's interview with Chris, and concludes with one of many threats against Gregg Mays/Clyde Cash.

Part XIX

Part XIX starts with Chris opening his ClydeGreggCashMays YouTube account and concludes with a 32 minute condensed cut of his phone call with Kacey's father.

Part XX

Part XX starts with Chris's 51 bicep curl video and concludes with his video presentation pitching Sonichu to major companies.

Part XXI

Part XXI starts with a small collections of trolls calling Chandler's house, and concludes with Mailbag 13.


Part XXII begins with Chris reading fan letters and ends with his video explaining his use of curses.


Part XXIII begins with Chris, cover of Mr Plow, and ends with his second phone call with Alec Benson Leary.


Part XXIV begins with Chris' first apology video to Alec Benson Leary and ends with Mailbag 52.

Part XXV

Part XXV begins with Chris and Alec's penultimate phone call and ends with a synopsis of Sonichu Issue 10.


Part XXVI begins with Chris and Alec's final phone call and ends with a Chris' video in which he states that he will leave the internet.


Part XXVII begins with Chris' video complaining about a voice actor change in The Cleveland Show and ends with a Chris video in which he claims that the county has been conspiring against him since childhood.


Part XXVIII begins with Chris' video largely concerned with the murder of UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love and ends with Chris as JenkinsJinkies offering a falsified backstory about his troll persona to Clyde Cash on the cwcki.


Part XXIX begins with a report of Chris attending the July 4th firework display and ends with his video calling for his high school reunion.

Part XXX

Part XXX begins with Chris telling his viewers that he accidentally formatted his PS3 and concludes with him learning about the race of Jackie's ex-boyfriend.


Part XXXI begins with a video in which Chris mocks Jackie's ex-boyfriend Lars and ends with a hypothetical speech he would make if he were to run for president.


Part XXXII begins with Chris' remake of his giving birth video and concludes with a video in which he begs Jackie not to leave him.


Part XXXIII begins with a Jackie email to Chris complaining about his video efforts throughout October, and finishes with a video in which he vows to leave the Internet.


Part XXXIV begins with a Jackie email to Chris wishing him a happy Thanksgiving, and ends with Chris in his new Tomgirl form asking a gal-pal via email if it would be alright if he started using women's bathrooms instead.


Part XXXV begins with Chris discovering the troll-created Tomboys and Tomgirls Forum of Virginia, and finishes with his recitation of a poem for Jackie.


Part XXXVI begins with Chris's make-up tips video and concludes with the phone call between a troll posing as a doctor and Rocky Shoemaker.


Part XXXVII begins with Chris' first Facebook post in 2012 and ends with the conclusion of his and Barbara's court proceedings concerning their actions against Michael Snyder.


Part XXXVIII begins with a newspaper account which mentions the cover album Trollsta's Paradise, consisting of Chris' covers songs, and ends with a series of photos depicting a battle between the Lego incarnations of Chris and Megan.


Part XXXIX begins with a Chris commenting on William Elliott Waterman's latest Facebook profile photo and ends with an email written to Kim Wilson in which he reveals that he thinks of himself as a “lesbian identified male” and “tranny,” among other things.

Part XL

Part XL begins with Chris asking for donations or gifts on Facebook and concludes with him finishing the first leg of his date with Catherine.

Part XLI

Part XLI begins with the second leg of Chris' date with Catherine, and ends with him revealing on Facebook the reasons for making an angry-faced Sonichu medallion for a customer.


Part XLII begins with Chris pulling at the arms of a Sonic Boom plushie on Facebook to express his dissatisfaction with the character's redesign, and ends with him getting banned from his own Facebook group for threatening violence.


Part XLIII begins with an episode of Sonic Boom which may have referenced Chris, and concludes with a post in which she expresses her sadness over an upcoming My Little Pony episode.


Part XLIV starts with Chris' April, 2015 court appearance regarding the GameStop macing, and ends with her Facebook account getting seemingly taken down after posting an explicit drawing.

Part XLV

Part XLV starts with Chris' Facebook account being made public again after a brief time of disappearing, and concludes with a video in which she shows how to play with her custom Amiibo figurines.


Part XLVI starts with Christine advertising her custom Amiibo figurines available from her Etsy store, and ends with a video in which she apologizes to the GameStop staff she had maced and demands to be unbanned.


Part XLVII starts with Christine posting about an optical illusion created by her bed sheets, and concludes with a video advertisement for Amiibo figurines and dedication to the seeming falling of Jeff/Francine.


Part XLVIII starts with the first of five interviews with Christine and a troll posing as Arthur Spatchcock, and finishes with a video in which she complains about the online merchandise being sold by the troll Jeff/Francine.


Part XLIX starts with a video in which Christine wishes everyone a Happy Pokémon Day, and concludes with a video plea for monetary donations.

Part L

Part L begins with comments Christine left on binaural beat videos which aided her transition into female form, and finishes with two video pleas for monetary donations due to her mother's declining health.

Part LI

Part LI begins with a video in which Christine begins reading a work of fan fiction suggested to her by William Waterman, and concludes with the Facebook post in which she defends incest and admits to dreaming of having sex with her mother.

Part LII

Part LII starts with Anna McLerran posting a new photo with her and Barbara Chandler on Facebook, and ends with a video in which Christine expresses her feelings regarding the results of the 2016 US presidential election.


Part LIII starts with a video in which Chris notifies her followers that she got banned from posting on Facebook for one week probably because of her death threats against Donald Trump, and concludes with one of the first Twitter interactions with animator and voice actress DoopieDoOver.

Part LIV

Part LIV starts with a tweet in which Chris takes a picture of herself covering her eyes with her hair, and ends with a Captain's Log regarding financial troubles and reflecting on her life.

Part LV

Part LV begins with a YouTube livestream in which Chris resumes working on Sonichu Issue 11, and finishes with a string of tweets she made defending her misconceived actions while arguing with a troll.

Part LVI

Part LVI begins with a Tweet in which Christine wishes Planet Dolan creator LadyBot a pleasant night, and ends with a letter from Twitter user NightStar2891.


Part LVII starts with a series of tweets from Chris directed at MLP voice actresses, and concludes with a private conversation with Jessica Quinn, explaining her reasoning for why she began a relationship with Chris.


Part LVIII starts with a Facebook post in which from Chris compares her girlfriend Jessica Quinn with her depiction of her future girlfriend Lovely Weather, and ends with Christine proclaiming over Twitter that Jessica was not a troll.

Part LIX

Part LIX starts with a synopsis of Sonichu Issue 12 and finishes with a Facebook post in which Chris explains the outcome of a supposed military operation in Cwcville.

Part LX

Part LX begins with Christine pondering over a new customization feature in Sonic Forces, and concludes with a Facebook post celebrating her 36th birthday.

Part LXI

Part LXI starts with the growth of Idea Guy members, and finishes with a string of tweets Christine posted while under the influence of the Idea Guys.


Part LXII starts with Christine streaming on Twitch urging others to buy her eBay items, and ends with a desperate plea video for monetary donations.


Part LXIII begins with Christine attempting to sell her old phone on eBay, and concludes with a video in which she states the importance of her character Night Star.

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