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All documentary videos can be found on the official documentary YouTube channel, GenoSamuel3.

Yokai: Monsters of Japan

The Slit-Mouthed Woman | Kuchisake Onna

The slit-mouthed woman has very modern origins, and she terrified entire Japan in 1979.


A blobby flesh of meat who smells like a carcass, but if eaten, may grant the eater eternal life.


A twisted ghoul with a single eye which scares the already frightened.


A monstrous backscratcher employed by a monk with an itch. That's it.


A river-dwelling turtle/beaked lizard/frog-like creature that hungers for cucumbers and little butt balls.

Nure Onna

A gigantic snake-like creature with the head of a woman, who stays near the water, waiting to devour those who may come too close.


A collection of skulls that can only stare at you.


A giant skeleton possessed by the many souls of those who were not given proper burial.

Wanyudo & Katawaguruma

A crazed head of an old man and a woman, both riding a burning ox cart wheel, looking for babies to eat.

Other Topics

1985: Music Censorship & The PMRC

A documentary documenting the origin story of the Parents Music Resource Center, its climactic senate hearing, and the effects this politically connected group had on the face of the music industry, which continues to be felt today.