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MORGANA (2021)

An album heavily influenced by the retroactively-titled genre of City Pop, generally credited to originating in Japan, and thrived during the 80's. Morgana features a mix of Japanese 80's sensibilities combined with jazz fusion. Brass is heard prominently, and so are a wide range of solos from a great selection of talented musicians. All songs written and performed by Geno Samuel. Manuel Trabucco - Soprano/Alto/Barritone Saxophone (Tracks 1-4), Johnny Sumeria - Electric Guitar (Track 5), Gergő Bille - Trumpet (Track 4), João Sousa - Trumpet (Track 6), Eric Croissant - Alto Saxophone (Track 9), Masa - Electric Guitar (Track 9), Anatoly Borodin - Trombone (Track 10), Choko - Backing Vocals/Lead Vocals (Tracks 1-3, 7)

morgana album cover